German Ambassador to Libya: HOR is Libya’s Legitimate Parliament – Al Marsad

A number of MPs from the internationally recognized Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) met in the city of Tobruk on Wednesday, the German Ambassador to Libya Oliver Owcza and his accompanying delegation. The meeting was described as constructive by Ambassador Owcza on his official Twitter account, and discussed the latest developments in Libya.

[Libya, 23 November 2019] – According to the official website of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR), the meeting with the German Ambassador was attended by a number of members of parliament representing all regions of Libya, the Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Yousef al-Agouri, the HoR Deputy Rapporteur, Sabah Juma’a, the Head of the Justice and National Reconciliation Committee at the HoR, Abdul Hadi al-Saghir, as well as members of the House, Saleh Efhaima, Nasser Al-Na’as, and Ali Al-Soul.

The Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Libyan House of Representatives Yousef al-Agouri said that the meeting with the Ambassador of Germany to Libya touched on several important topics, including the role of the Libyan National Army (LNA) in the elimination of terrorism in Tripoli and the imposition of security and stability throughout the Libyan state, in addition to tackling the illegal immigration file.

Regarding the Berlin Conference on Libya, al-Agouri said that the German Ambassador explained that the conference will be solely attended by the foreign active stakeholders in Libya to try to reach a solution to the Libyan crisis, and after that, “we will sit with the Libyans,” pointing out that the solution to the Libyan conflict should be a Libyan one.

He added that some misconceptions had been clarified for the German Ambassador regarding the referendum law and the election law.

The Head of the Justice and National Reconciliation Committee at the HoR, Abdul Hadi al-Saghir, said the German Ambassador stressed that the sole and legitimate parliament in Libya is the Libyan House  of  Representatives (HoR) convened in Tobruk.

Al-Saghir noted that they explained to the German ambassador the role played by the armed forces in the fight against terrorism and the importance of liberating the capital Tripoli for the stability of the state, pointing out that it was talked about the Berlin conference and explained to the deputies that the Berlin conference is a project of the United Nations and an important station for peace in Libya.

The German Ambassador to Libya Oliver Owcza said after the meeting that he discussed the current situation in Libya with the MPs of the HoR, and listened to their views and perspectives, noting that he provided clarifications to the MPs on the Berlin Conference and that Germany supports peace in Libya.

Ambassador Oliver Owcza tweeted that he had a constructive working meeting with members of the House of Representatives in Tobruk. “We discussed the ongoing Berlin process, the importance of ending all military operations and the need to re-unite legitimate legislative bodies.”

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