Libyan Airlines in Benghazi: Our Plane is Still Unlawfully Impounded by Misrata Airport – Al Marsad

Ezzedine Al-Mashnoun, spokesperson for the Libyan Airlines’s Benghazi Division confirmed that a Libyan Airlines airplane that has been unlawfully seized at Misrata International Airport (MRA) after arrival from Benghazi’s Benina International Airport (BEN) for maintenance. The airplane is still impounded.

[Libya, 24 November 2019] – Al-Mashnoun said that the concerned authorities in Misrata insisted on the continued seizure of the civilian aircraft without any justifications, which caused a state of congestion in the entire eastern region of Libya.

Al-Mashnoun pointed out in a statement to Libya Al-Hadath station that the Libyan Airlines company in Benghazi tried to charter a plane from Afriqiyah Airways to make up for some flights in order to return stranded Libyan passengers from Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) in Amman and Carthage International Airport (TUN) in Tunis, but the company is unable to continue leasing alternative planes due to the current financial situation.

Libyan Airlines said in a statement on its official Facebook page that although the maintenance works have been completed and the technical problem was fixed by the engineers of the airline at Misrata International Airport, and after preparing the plane for take-off, that it was stopped by the assistant manager of Misrata airport.

“We sent the plane for maintenance in coordination with the Civil Aviation Authority and the Technical Department there, but when the captain wanted to take off, he was detained and the plane is practically hijacked. We do not know what the intentions behind the seizure of the plane. The management of the Misrata airport bears full responsibility,” Al-Mashnoun continued. He calls on the Civil Aviation Authority in Tripoli to assume its responsibilities and intervene to make the right decision and put an end to the current crisis.

He also stressed the need for efforts of the good offices of the tribal elders and sages because this is a purely humanitarian and national issue of great concern for the Libyan citizens. He expressed his hopes that the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General would intervene personally to resolve this humanitarian issue. He also urged the concerned authorities in Misrata to listen to the voice of reason and find a quick solution to this issue because it is considered a violation of international laws, conventions and treaties.

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