Peskov: Statements Claiming Deployment of Russian Troops in Libya are Fabrications – Al Marsad

Dmitry Peskov, the Russian Presidential Spokesperson, stated that many countries have absolutely no right to talk about destabilizing the situation in Libya after they destroyed it with their actions, violating international law.

[Libya, 27 November 2019] – Peskov commented on Wednesday on statements made by the American Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs, David Schenker, to journalists that Russia’s military intervention in Libya threatens peace, security and stability in the North African war-torn country. The Russian Presidential Spokesperson said, “We constantly hear that there are military companies operating in the whole world, almost self-determining or working to destabilize the situation in different countries, including what is said about these military companies destabilizing the situation in Libya. Many nations are not entitled, morally, to talk about the destabilization of the situation in Libya after they destroyed the country by actions that violated international law.”

David Schenker, the State Department’s Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs also called on the European Union countries to impose sanctions on the Wagner Group, the Russian private military company.

The Russian Presidential Spokesman stressed that these are all false rumours, calling for treating such statements as mere fabrications.

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