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Dr. Aref Ali Nayed, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS), met early morning on Saturday with a delegation from the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Greece, headed by Ambassador Dionyssios Zois to discuss the recent agreements and memoranda that have been signed between Erdogan of Turkey and Fayez al-Sarraj of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) on maritime borders.

[Libya, 30 November 2019] – The Greek delegation reviewed the complete and integrated dossiers on the positions and statements of the Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS), the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR), the legitimate parliament elected by the free will of the Libyan people, and the legitimate Libyan Interim Government emanating from it.

The meeting discussed the recent agreements, described by the LIAS Media Bureau as “‘null and void”, between the Presidential Council and its unconstitutional Government of National Accord (GNA). The GNA has never been sworn in before the Libyan parliament or gained its vote of confidence ever since it was unilaterally imposed on the Libyan people by the UN-brokered Skhirat Libyan Political Agreement in December 2015.

Dr Aref Nayed, Chairman of the Libya Institute for Advances Studies (LIAS), with Ambassador Dionyssios Zois of the Foreign Ministry of Greece at a meeting today.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS), Dr. Aref Ali Nayed, assured the Greek diplomatic delegation that the Government of National Accord (GNA) did not gain the confidence of the Libyan parliament, and thus the GNA is not mandated, legally and constitutionally, to conclude any such agreements or memoranda of understanding with foreign countries.

It is noteworthy that this meeting comes after the Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias, summoned the Libyan Ambassador in Athens to present details of his country’s memoranda and agreements with Turkey on the maritime borders. He warned the Libyan Ambassador to Greece that he had until next Thursday to disclose the details of the memoranda or face deportation from the country.

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