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The name of the terrorist Emad Faraj Mansour al-Shagaabi has been in the news ever since the Minister of the Interior of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathi Bashagha, issued on 24 November an unexpected arrest warrant against al-Shagaabi. Many of the Libyans living in Western Libya, or even in Eastern areas of the country, are not familiar with the name of al-Shagaabi. However, the residents of Benghazi know this name very well because of his participation in the massacre of Black Saturday in 2013 when nearly 30 civilian protesters were killed by gunshots of a powerful militia known as Libya Shield. The civilians were protesting in front of the headquarters of the militia in al-Kuwefiya, one of the eastern city’s neighbourhoods.

[Libya, 1 December 2019] – Al-Shagaabi fled to Tripoli in 2014 following the launch of Operation Dignity by the General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA). He did not conceal his identity at at his new domicile and remained in full view of everyone, including the Special Deterrence Force (RADA). He lived through the era of the pseudo-National Salvation Government, and the incumbent Government of National Accord (GNA), before his past and the stories that were narrated about his alleged victims remerged to haunt him after six years of being at large.

In May 2015, Libya’s state-owned and funded, Libya Al-Rasmiya Satellite TV, hosted al-Shagaabi in a special interview aimed at polishing his public image and presenting him as a veteran revolutionary who fought to topple the former regime. The show did not address his previous relationships or the alleged dubious roles he played in the city of Benghazi with terrorist organizations.

However, the most important part in that documentary interview was when al-Shagaabi talked about the role and work of the Martyrs of Free Libya Battalion (MFLB) led by Wissam Bin Hamid and then the Libya Shield, which the latter also commanded according to a virtual chain of command that made the Libya Shield report to the Chief of Staff of the Libyan Army at that time, led by Major General Yousef al-Mangoush.

In that interview, he lashed out his frustration at the Chief of Staff of the Libyan Army at that time, Major General Yousef al-Mangoush. Al-Shagaabi seemed to have predicted his current fate four years ago when he said colloquially in Libyan dialect, “They [the Chief of Staff] assign us tasks and we carry them out as we did in the oasis of Kufra. But after the mission is successfully accomplished, they turn their backs on us. When they need us, they call us and commend our work and after the mission is over, they just ignore us as if they did not know us in the first place, let alone throw accusations at us.”

Today, after his arrest, al-Shagaabi found no sympathizers except what remains of the revolutionary Shura councils. One commentator wrote on social media, “everybody claims today to fight terrorism to appease the Americans, including the emirs of the dredges, and the godfathers of the Libya Dawn Operation. Al-Shagaabi was not spared from incarceration despite the fact that he rendered a lot of services to them, and despite his support for the Libya Dawn Operation. Today they sold him and completely disowned him.”

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