Ghuwaila Calls for the Release of “Revolutionaries” from Prisons – Al Marsad

Abdelbaset Ghuwaila, former official of the Tripoli Islamic Endowments, Awqaf, member of the House of Fatwa, Dar al-Ifta, and close associate of the impeached radical Islamist cleric who was deposed by the Libyan House of Representatives, Sadiq al-Gharyani, has announced the launch of a campaign to support detainees of terrorist organizations incarcerated in the western region’s prisons.

[Libya, 1 December 2019] – Ghuwaila, in an interview hosted by the pro-Islamists Al-Tanasuh Satellite TV, lashed at the entities that imprisoned such terrorists, who he calls “revolutionaries”. During the programme he explained their suffering and spoke about the ordeals that their families were going through and said that some of their wives gave birth to their children shortly before their arrest, and that those children have grown up without seeing their fathers because they are apprehended.

The former Awqaf official launched on Twitter the hashtag #detained_without_trial as part of his social media campaign to release the radical inmates whom he described as “revolutionary and displaced in the prisons of murder, injustice and torture” in reference to the jailhouses run by the Special Deterrence Force (RADA) and some Misrata prisons.

Ghuwaila said that those “revolutionaries” were locked up behind bars, tortured, killed, and their bodies thrown in the morgues, while members of the “tyrant” Gaddafi, such as the former Director of the Military Intelligence Abdulla al-Sanussi, have received special treatment inside prisons, as he put it. He accused the parties that manage those prisons of committing human rights violations and atrocities, stating that all these violations are documented by names, reminding his audience that the Abu Salim prison victims suffering was what ignited the February revolution.

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