Libyan Tribes to Erdogan: Your Maritime Borders Agreement with GNA is Null and Void – Al Marsad

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the demarcation of the maritime borders between Turkey and the UN-appointed Government of National Accord (GNA) has sparked outrage and condemnation among Libyan tribes throughout Libya in general, and all major tribes in particular, such as the Wirfalla and Tarhouna tribes which represent the main population bloc in Libya.

The Social Council of the Wirfalla Tribes (SCWT) denounced any agreement that grants permission for anyone to interfere in Libya’s affairs, which is considered an infringement of national sovereignty, following the latest agreement signed by Fayez al-Sarraj with the Turkish President Recep Tayeb Erdogan.

In a statement telecasted by Libya’s Channel, the Social Council of the Wirfalla Tribes (SCWT) confirmed that the memoranda and agreements signed by al-Sarraj with the Republic of Turkey are null and void. They expressed the sentiments of the major western Libya major tribes and said they reject the “blatant Turkish interference in our internal affairs,” according to the SCWT statement, calling on the Libyan people to unite and convene in a pan-Libya national conference, without any external or foreign interferences or arrangements.

The Tarhouna Tribes and Community Leaders Council (TTCL) also issued a strongly-worded statement condemning the demarcation of the maritime borders memorandum between Turkey and what the TTCL described as “its agents in the Government of No Accord,” referring derogatively to the official name of “the powerless Tripoli government that controls only 2 percent of the country and has no popular, legislative, or constitutional basis in Libya.” The TTCL stated that “it had previously warned against the hazards of the misuse of the Tripoli government of the international recognition and the incompetence, impulsiveness, and ineligibility of that government which holds the official Libyan decision hostage to the will of rogue states that aim, through such suspicious deals, to prolong the crisis in Libya and maintain a powerless and hostage government that will unlawfully help them achieve their historical aspirations in Libya.”

“Today, it has become crystal clear to the entire world the reality of the project that the Muslim Brotherhood, and their pawns in the Government of National Accord, seek to achieve through the most ugly models of treason and confiscation of the collective national will in the history of mankind. This moral fall is the most egregious in the Libyan case since 2011. The so-called Memorandum of Understanding between Turkey’s  Erdogan and the morally degenerated Government of National Accord, led by Fayez al-Sarraj who made Erdogan and his gang use Libya as a Trojan horse to achieve their dubious schemes in the eastern Mediterranean,” the statement said.

The statement stressed the rejection, condemnation and anger of the Tarhouna Tribes and Community Leaders Council (TTCL), which “has been expressed on many occasions, regarding the colonial policy of Turkey.” The TTCL stated that “what was agreed upon between the GNA and Turkey is not new in theory and in practice. Turkey planted, financed and strongly supported terrorism in Libya, stood by all arrogance and aggression against the Libyan National Army, and killed dozens of our heroic soldiers with their drones. Turkey strongly embraces the Muslim Brotherhood project and loudly advocates that it seeks to recover its historical legacy of the Ottoman Empire in Libya,” the statement stressed.

The  Tarhouna Tribes and Community Leaders Council (TTCL) pointed out that its statement is not directed to Turkey, its agents, or to the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), but to the Libyan tribes and cities. “Libya’s honourable history does not accept the continuation of silence and neutral positions and betting on cosmetic solutions. Your history of political struggle and liberation does not accept the positions of silence, neutrality and political maneuvers and polarization. The persistence of these attitudes have caused oppression, tyranny, humiliation, and blatant violation of your country’s sovereignty and its independent national decision. Clearly and unequivocally, this is a new Turkish colonization of Libya. It is time for you to stand by your Libyan National Army, which will guarantee you safety, restore security and spread stability in the country, and protect the dignity of its people,” the statement added.

The tribes of Tarhouna, together with our brothers in the other noble Libyan tribes, have gone beyond the logic of condemnation and denial and rejection. Tarhouna’s sons sacrificed themselves to end a client regime that the Libyans knew no worse than. We offered our blood and sacrifices; not out of a desire for war and fighting, but to put an end to the continuation of the triangle of treason, the client regime, and political prostitution. The gang of evil in Tripoli imposes on us a holy war in order to restore the usurped rights, the stolen dignity, and the honourable history of our country, which Erdogan and his boys desecrated with their slippers. The time has come to unite the ranks and resolve to stand up against these schemes,” the TTCL confirmed.

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