Speaker of the Libyan Parliament to Visit Cairo and Athens to call for End of UN-Imposed Regime after Local and International Outcry – Al Marsad

Abdullah Blehiq, Spokesperson for the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR), announced on Sunday that Chancellor Aguila Saleh, Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives will visit Egypt today, Monday, to convene with Dr. Mishaal bin Fahm Al-Salami, Speaker of the Arab Parliament. Chancellor Aguila Saleh will also meet with Dr. Ali Abdel Aal Ahmed, Speaker of the Egyptian House of Representatives. According to Blehiq, the senior level parliamentary meetings will discuss the latest developments in the Libyan situation and, most importantly, the recent GNA-Turkey maritime boundaries and jurisdictions delimitation agreement.

Chancellor Aguila Saleh

[Libya, 9 December 2019] – Blehiq stated in a recorded video footage that Chancellor Aguila Saleh will ask during his visit to Cairo for the support of the Arab Parliament for the Libyan House of Representatives’ official request regarding the withdrawal of Arab recognition of the Government of National Accord (GNA), led by Fayez al-Sarraj, due to the fact that this unconstitutional government has blatantly continued to compromise Libya’s sovereignty and the rights of its people.

Egyptian Parliament

The HoR Spokesperson confirmed that Chancellor Aguila Saleh will make an official visit to the Republic of Greece after concluding his visit to the Egyptian capital, Cairo. The Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) will arrive in Athens on Thursday 12 December after an official invitation from Konstantinos Tasoulas, Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament of Greece. Chancellor Aguila’s visit to the Greek capital will also include meetings with senior officials in the Greek government and will discuss bilateral relations between Libya and Greece and unification of positions visa-à-vis the recent “void” maritime agreement, according to Blehiq, concluded by the Tripoli-based government of Fayez al-Sarraj and the Ankara government.

Abdulla Blehiq added that Chancellor Saleh will discuss in Greece ways to consolidate bilateral relations between the Libyan and Greek parliaments, and demand the withdrawal of international recognition from the Government of National Accord of Fayez al-Sarraj.

There are increasing calls in diplomatic circles in Europe and countries within the Arab League that is time that the UN withdrew the mandate and recognition it has given to the GNA not only for its association with extremist groups and UN-sanctioned individuals, but also for signing the agreement with Turkey in contravention of the Skhirat agreement.

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