Sons of Libya Group and National Movement for Libya Call for Massive Protests Against Erdogan’s Prelude to Invasion – Al Marsad

The Sons of Libya Group (SLG) and the National Movement for Libya (NML) issued a joint statement condemning what the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in a live televised interview on Monday regarding his willingness to deploy Turkish forces in Libya if the Government of National Accord (GNA) asked them to do so. They call for nationwide protests in Libya against Erdogan.

[Libya, 10 December 2019] – Al Marsad received a copy of the joint press release in which the SLG and the NML considered Erdogan’s statements as a prelude to invading Libya in repetition of the invasion of North Eastern Syria by Erdogan’s gangs and operatives who have committed massacres aimed at changing the demographic composition of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Al Marsad publishes below the full English text of the statement:


Call for Massive Protests and Demonstrations Against Erdogan’s Threats to Invade Libya

After Erdogan dared to speak out his Sultanic dreams of dispatching his invading soldiers to Libya in emulation of the same military invasion scenario of northern Syria by his gangs and his agents who have committed massacres in that region to change the demography of the Syrian people, the landmarks of the pledges of allegiance, submitted by Fayez al-Sarraj, Mohamed El Taher Siala, and Fathi Bashagha to the Sultan of the Ottoman Government, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, have become clear.

The sons of the homeland from all components of Libya,  Amazigh, Touareg, Tabu, and Arabs, now have a national duty towards their country, their legitimate, elected parliament, their victorious Libyan National Army, and their suffering captive capital.

After the unconstitutional Government of National Accord succumbed to the wishes of their Supreme Leader, the Ottoman Caliph, who have explicitly announced the Turkish intentions of invasion, the overthrow of the Presidential Council and its pseudo and deficient government, is now a legitimate, moral, and patriotic duty. The withdrawal of recognition from the Government of National Accord is now a national, pan-Arab, regional and international duty.

Over five centuries, proud Libyan tribes, cities, and oases, have rejected humiliation at the hands of the colonial Ottoman soldiers, their operatives, and their appointed proxies of tax collectors in favor of the Sultan’s treasures; these Libyan proud tribes, cities, and oases know well how to protect Libya and how to remove tyrants and oppressors from their thrones and safes in the Red Saraya of Tripoli.

Taking to the streets on Friday, in massive protests and demonstrations, in all the liberated cities of legitimacy, against this blatant prelude to the invasion of Libya, is the least that can be done in defense of our homeland and our people, in mobilization of all our capabilities, and in elevation of our degree of readiness to repel the invasion and destroy the Sultan’s conspiracies and measures as the Libyan National Army destroyed his killer drones, his armored vehicles, and all his previous military interventions.

“Indeed, morning is their appointed time. Is not the morning near?”  [Qur’an 11:81]


(1) Sheikh Faraj Bou Hassan al-Obaidi

(2) Sheikh Mohamed Mesbah al-Barghouthi

(3) Sheikh Ibrahim Abu Bakr Nasr

(4) Sheikh Al-Qassi Jalgham

(5) Sheikh Khamis Ehwidy

(6) Sheikh Ibrahim Ali Hamid al-Hudhairy

(7) Sheikh Saleh al-Fandi

(8) Aref Ali Nayed

(9) Fawzi Mohamed al-Ghannai

(10) Abdul Salam Rajab Felfel

(11) Ali Mohamed Al-Raqeei

(12) Mohamed Mukhtar Al-Ghannai

(13) Hawwa Mohamed Bourguiba

(14) Leila Abu Saif Yassin

(15) Abdul Rahim Al-Jinjan

(16) Abdel Moneim El-Yosir

(17) Mohamed Dairi

(18) Khadija Mahmoud Al-Amami

(19) Entisar Mohamed Bashir

(20) Ali Saeed al-Barghathi

(21) Mohamed Salem Embarak

(22) Saeed Rashwan

(23) Mohamed Mahmoud Boujnah

(24) Amal Ismail Al-Kuwafi

(25) Amal Imrajeh Bouqshata al-Oraibi

(26) Maha Msaed al-Obaidi

(27) Shim Salem Boufanna

(28) Amal Mohamed al-Wirfalli

(29) Abdul Ghani Hassan al-Oraibi

(30) Faraj al-Sayyeh

(31) Salah Ibrahim Meftah

(32) Mohamed Saad Embarak

(33) Labib al-Ramly

(34) Ali Hammouda Hassan