Al-Mahdawi: We Have Orders to Sink Any Hostile Turkish Naval Vessel Entering Libyan Territorial Waters  – Al Marsad

Major General Faraj al-Mahdawi, Chief of Staff of the Naval Forces affiliated with the Libyan National Army General Command, affirmed the Libyan naval forces’ readiness to repel any infringement on Libya’s territorial waters in light of the recent statement of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in which he expressed Turkey’s intention of deploying boots on the ground in Libya if the Tripoli government requested that from Ankara.

[Libya, 11 December 2019] –  The Naval Forces’ Chief of Staff said, in an interview with the Athens-based Satellite TV Channel, Alpha, reported by Al-Ain News, “our naval forces have direct orders from the LNA General Command to sink any hostile Turkish naval vessel that would encroach on the Libyan territorial waters.”

Earlier, Major General Faraj al-Mahdawi said in a statement that he posted in Greek on his Facebook page: “We will liberate the capital Tripoli and destroy the Turkish dream.”

In the same context, and in the framework of the ongoing Libyan naval forces preparations to repel any hostilities by the Turkish navy, Captain Safi-ul-Din Khattab, the spokesperson for the Joint Security Room in Tobruk stated that the Libyan National Army General Command is fully prepared to confront any Turkish move that threatens Libyan national security, sovereignty, or territorial integrity.

Khattab stressed that LNA General Command and security authorities will not allow any trespass on Libya’s national territories, or any interference in Libyan sovereignty, indicating the readiness of the Tobruk Naval Base, which is the eastern gateway to the Libyan territorial waters.

Captain Safi-ul-Din Khattab informed Al-Ain News that the Joint Security Room in Tobruk has taken all the necessary measures to elevate its preparations and readiness in the face of any potential Turkish threat in the Libyan waters, airspace, or land. He stated that all the Libyan frigates and the Libyan naval combat boats were deployed in preparation at these times to deal with any Turkish naval attack, with support from the air power of the Libyan National Army Air Force warplanes.

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