Fayez Al-Sarraj: Libyans Should Defend the Project of the Civil State – Al Marsad

The President of the Presidential Council of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez al-Sarraj, gave a desperate speech early today Friday to rouse support for his doomed cause. He said that those whom he described as “the advocates of war, ruin, and divisiveness, supported by their media platforms” decided to launch a blitzkrieg on the peaceful city of Tripoli,” in reference to the campaign to liberate the Libyan capital from criminal and terrorist groups by the Libyan National Army (LNA) forces. Notwithstanding the words uttered by Sarraj, his government has had the privilege of a UN-mandate and over ran its expiry date after four years in power. The truth of the matter is that the GNA’s alliance with the militia cartels, ISIS elements, UN-sanctioned criminals, and its alliance with Turkey, and the signed MOU over maritime borders and the disastrous consequences to Libya’s sovereignty—all stand as a testament to the appalling failure of the Tripoli government to hold elections, promote civil law, an end to financial abuse, or peace and stability to the country that is necessary for any civil state. 

[Libya, 13 December 2019] – Fayez al-Sarraj added in his speech which was disseminated by the Presidential Council’s Media Bureau, and closely monitored by Al Marsad journalists, that the “army and revolutionaries of the February 17 Revolution” mobilized their forces to repel what he categorized as “the aggression,” and defend what he described as “the dream of the Libyans in establishing a civil state based on constitution and law.”

Sarraj said that his gunmen had previously succeeded in repelling “the aggression” and liberating the city of Gharyan, adding that his forces had taught the “invaders, the soldiers of the coup d’état, the mercenary gangs, and the agents harsh lessons in the arts of combat, steadfastness, and bravery,” according to the GNA Media Bureau.

“O freemen, do not believe the fabrications of the day dreamers, their social media fake news, or their propaganda war. There is no such a thing as zero hour; there are only delusions of a zero hour, there is no such a thing as storming or fighting in Tripoli or its neighborhoods,” Fayez al-Sarraj said.

In his speech, Sarraj also called on the Libyans to support what he described as the “civil state project” and their right to a state of institutions and law, appealing to those whom he said are “a small part of the sons of the homeland” to abandon what he described as their “imaginary and absurd projects” that “have only resulted in the fall of thousands of youths as human sacrifices for totalitarianism and projects from which nothing has been seen except havoc, death, and destruction of cities,” as he put it.

“It is high time to put an end, once and for all, to the rule of one man-one voice, and to stand in the face of despotism. We are living in the post-February era which ensures collective participation in building the country and contributing to its stability through the mechanisms of democratic governance that the contemporary world has embraced, and the free peoples adopted as a tool to address the differences, ” the GNA Chairman continued.

Concluding his speech, al-Sarraj extended his greetings to his armed groups and militiamen whom he described as the “heroic and steadfast resistance youths,” adding that he is sending his message to those whom he described as “external interventionists supporters of wars, strife and the rule of the military, to leave the Libyans alone.”

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