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GNA’s Ambassador to Ankara, Abdul Razzaq Mukhtar, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood who is under work suspension by the Tripoli-based Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, has stated that the Tripoli Government of National Accord (GNA) will not bow to the pressures exerted for having signed the agreement with Ankara on maritime boundaries and jurisdiction zones. The agreement was roundly condemned in Libya and by the international community. 

[Libya, 13 December 2019] – According to Anadolu News Agency, the Libyan Ambassador’s statement came during a symposium, organized by Ankara University, on the memorandum of understanding signed between Turkey and the GNA.

During the forum, which was attended by a number of Turkish public workers and experts in the field of politics and energy, the GNA Ambassador to Ankara defended the Memorandum of Understanding by claiming that the MOU will be in the interests of the Turkish and Libyan peoples, pointing out that his country secured, through the controversial maritime agreement, “its rights granted to it through international laws,” according to the Turkish news agency.

“Libya is an independent country and a state member of the United Nations. We will not bow to international pressure and will not influence our policies. If there is any dispute, it must be referred to and resolved at the competent international courts,” the Libyan Ambassador to Turkey affirmed.

Ambassador Abdul Razzaq Mukhtar is also a senior member of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood. He is currently suspended by the Administrative Oversight Authority and was one who had nominated Siddik al-Kabir to the post of Governor of the Central Bank of Libya.

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