LNA Warns Civilian Ships and Cargo Aircraft Against Transporting Military Equipment – Al Marsad

Libyan National Army General Command issued a statement regarding targeting military sites in the city of Misrata after close monitoring and receiving precise information from LNA intelligence assets on the ground on large shipments of weapons, ammunition, armoured vehicles and various military equipment from several seaports and airports in the Republic of Turkey to Libyan seaports and airports controlled by the militias of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

[Libya, 14 December 2019] – The LNA General Command announced, in a statement published by the Media Bureau of the official Spokesperson for the Libyan National Army, that it closely monitored the unloading of Turkish military support at both the seaport and airport of Misrata and the subsequent transportation of these military shipments from the aforementioned sea and air ports to a number of warehouses in various locations, including at the Misrata Air Academy where Turkish-manufactured TB2 drones are being stored there for launching air attacks against the Libyan National Army forces from Misrata airport.

“These are not allegations, but are facts that have been publicly confirmed by the arrival of this blatant Turkish military support. The heroic LNA surface-to-air defense personnel have managed to shoot down a Turkish TB2 unmanned plane in Tripoli that had taken off from Misrata airport. It should be recalled that the LNA forces have previously destroyed all of these aircrafts before it reappeared today.  This opportunistic Turkish military support has also been recorded in another hideous image when the LNA heroes managed to destroy several new Turkish Kirby armoured vehicles, with anti-armour weapons, in the battle to liberate Tripoli,” the LNAGC Media Bureau stated.

“Based on that monitoring, the Libyan National Army Air Force meticulously planned to target the storage sites of the Turkish TB2 drones at the Military Air Force College in Misrata, and allocated the appropriate air power capabilities of the LNA Air Force to carry out this mission. The LNA Air Force successfully and precisely targeted and destroyed the warehouses of these Turkish military shipments. Successive explosions could be seen and heard at these military targets, resulting in the burning of the hangers that harbour the Turkish unmanned planes,” the LNAGC Media Bureau continued.

The Libyan National Army General Command (LNAGC) revealed to the international community, the Libyan people, and the residents of the city of Misrata that it has also monitored the arrival, transport, and storage of Turkish military shipments inside civilian neighbourhoods that are not equipped to store dangerous equipment of weapons, ammunition, and other military items. Some of these warehouses belong to civilian commercial companies that are located near residential areas. Although civilian sites used for military purposes are considered legitimate military targets as per the international humanitarian law, the Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan National Army directed not to target these dangerous sites at the present time in preservation of the safety of the civilian population of Misrata and maintaining its civilian facilities, provided that these dangerous Turkish military shipments are urgently moved and transferred from their current storage sites, that violate safety and security conditions and the law of armed conflict, to other locations away from the residential areas, otherwise they will be targeted without hesitation and without delay after this final and explicit warning.

The LNAGC called on the residents of the city of Misrata to move away from such dangerous sites quickly to avoid their use by the militias as human shields in order to protect their military stockpiles.

The LNA General Command also advised the international community, the Libyan people, and the people of Misrata that, according to all religions and international law, the use of civilian facilities for military purposes converts them to legitimate military targets for the armed forces. Therefore, the LNA General Command warns against violating these divine teachings and laws. The LNAGC stressed that there are irresponsible and baseless statements that claim that the LNA targets purely civilian facilities without ascertaining the credibility of such statements with professionalism and impartiality.

The LNA General Command pointed out that it has very accurate intelligence information about “new shipments of Turkish military equipment on Turkish and non-Turkish naval vessels and civilian ships, some of which sailed from Turkish ports to the ports of Misrata, Tripoli and Al-Khoums, and some are being loaded at this moment, which is considered a new, public and flagrant breach of the United Nations arms embargo on Libya. Civilian ships and cargo planes are warned against transporting Turkish military equipment to all Libyan ports, otherwise they shall be legitimate targets for the Libyan National Army Air Force. This is a publicly announced final warning.”

The Libyan National Army General Command (LNAGC) reiterated its call not to entangle the city of Misrata, which is the industrial capital of Libya, in the fierce battle for restoring the dignity of the Libyan people, as the city of Misrata has recently been used on noticeable scale in the military effort of the so-called Government of National Accord, the government of the militias that sold and recently ceded the wealth of the Libyan people to the Turks in exchange for cheap military equipment, which the Libyan National Army Air Force has repeatedly destroyed.

In its statement, the LNAGC called on the residents of Misrata to reject any storage of weapons or munitions near their residential neighbourhoods, and to demand from the arms dealers and terrorist militia leaders to remove these dangerous military equipment away from the peaceful civilian population.

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