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In remarks written by Fahrettin Altun, the Director of the Communications Department in the Turkish Presidency, the Turkish official stated that foreign reactions vis-à-vis the maritime MOU signed between Ankara and Tripoli will not prevent the Turkish government from pursuing its own agenda in the Eastern Mediterranean. The remarks came in an article published by Altun titled, “The Turkey-Libya Maritime Jurisdictions Pact Confirms the Sovereign Rights of Our Country” on the Medium blogging platform on Saturday.

[Libya, 21 December 2019] – Fahrettin Altun noted that Turkey, by signing the maritime boundaries and areas of jurisdiction MOU with the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord, showed that it would not allow the imposition of a fait accompli in the Eastern Mediterranean, and that Ankara is an important stakeholder in the region that cannot be overlooked.

The Director of the Communications Department in the Turkish Presidency emphasized that his country had long been preoccupied with its domestic affairs that hindered producing effective regional political policies. Fahrettin Altun argued that the entire situation has now changed, and Ankara is now assuming its political and historical responsibilities, putting an end to an era in which Turkey was a mere bystander in the region which watched unilateral policies being imposed without taking any counter measures.

Altun said, “it was not surprising how some countries were disturbed by Turkey’s legitimate policies, namely the Greek Cypriot administration, Greece, Egypt, and Israel who have not favoured Turkish policies in the region. The brazen rhetoric of the Greek Cypriot administration after the agreement, and the reactions from the European Union, the United States and Russia will not prevent Turkey from implementing its policy in the Eastern Mediterranean.” Altun failed to mention, however, that the GNA-Turkey MOU was criticised by all key EU countries including Italy, Germany and France, along with the US, Russia and the UN.

Nevertheless, Altun claimed that the MOU signed on 27 November protects the rights of both Turkey and Libya by rejecting what he called “unilateral and illegal activities by other regional countries and international firms.”

“This is not only a historical responsibility for Turkey, but also a necessity since Turkey is a major power in the region. We must not forget that Egypt and Russia keep ignoring the UN resolutions by supporting Khalifa Haftar in Libya. From now on, Turkey is back in the region, through its more effective foreign policy and its struggle for its sovereign rights,” Fahrettin Altun added.

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