Turkish Presidency: We Thwarted Many Conspiracies in Libya and Syria – Al Marsad

Conspiracy-talk loomed large in Turkish rhetoric when Erdogan’s spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin claimed that Ankara succeeded in thwarting many schemes and conspiracies in Syria and Libya through the actions it had taken in these two countries.

[Libya, 23 December 2019] – The Turkish Presidential Spokesperson stressed that Turkey will never back down from protecting what he described as “its rights in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

Kalin, who was attending a cultural exhibition in the Anatolian side of Istanbul pointed out that the intensified criticism of Turkish policies is due to thwarting “these conspiracies”, and that Ankara will continue to counter all the media and political campaigns targeting Turkey, as he put it.

“We have thwarted many conspiracies through the steps Turkey has taken in foreign policy under the leadership of President Erdogan in both Syria and Libya.”

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