Tunisian Opposition Warns Against Country as Platform for Turkish Intelligence, Security or Military Action Towards Libya – Al Marsad

The Tunisia Project Movement (TPM) issued a statement on its official Facebook page on the Turkish President Erdogan’s unannounced visit to Tunisia today and his reception at Carthage Palace by the President of the Tunisian Republic, Kais Said.

[Libya, 25 December 2019] – The movement warned that the visit is linked to the Libyan situation and it “suggests an official Tunisian alignment in favour of the axis of Turkey and the Government of National Accord, which concluded a controversial pact with Ankara that was met with an unprecedented wave of rejection and criticism in most Arab and European capitals.”

The Tunisia Project Movement (TPM) called upon the Tunisian presidency to distance the country from such alignments. The movement argued that in order to maintain neutrality towards the parties in the Libyan conflict, the Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan National Army Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, and the Presidents of Greece and Egypt should be invited to visit Tunisia as well.

The movement expressed its categorical rejection to use Tunisia as a political platform for a specific international axis whose interests contradicts the interests of Tunisia and the integrity of its Arab and international relations.

“After reviewing the composition of the delegation accompanying the Turkish President, we, hereby, warn against any attempt of using the Tunisian territory as a platform for any intelligence, security or military action in favour of Turkey towards Libya,” said the TPM statement.

The movement called upon the Presidency of the Republic to demonstrate full transparency before the Tunisian people regarding the goals of the visit, the associated meetings, and the outputs.

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