Al-Thini Calls for Holding Extraordinary Session of the Arab League to Respond to Turkish Threats – Al Marsad

The Libyan Interim Government announced that it has put all capabilities at the disposal of the army to facilitate its mission to liberate the Libyan capital Tripoli, and confirmed that the utilities and government services to the public will continue to be provided to the city’s residents, stressing that it has already developed plans to secure public and private institutions and property of residents. The Libyan Interim Government called on the League of Arab States to hold an extraordinary session to discuss the Turkish threats.

[Libya, 28 December 2019] – The Prime Minister of the Libyan Interim Government, Abdullah al-Thini, congratulated the Libyan National Army General Command on the progressions accomplished by the LNA forces in Tripoli fronts, calling on the city residents to move and support the army in the battle for the ultimate salvation, as he put it.

In a statement posted by the Media Bureau of the Libyan Interim Government, Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thini confirmed that the Interim Government departments’ readiness to facilitate all difficulties facing the army and secure the capital immediately after its liberation, stressing that the provision of services to the general public will not be affected after the entry of the army to the city.

Al-Thini affirmed that the cabinet has issued guidelines and instructions to the Interim Government’s Ministry of Interior and all security apparatuses in Tripoli to secure public institutions and private properties to ensure that they are not tampered with, and safeguard their contents, pointing out that the army “will teach both Turkey and Qatar lessons in jihad, patriotism and bravery.”

He also called on the League of Arab States to hold an extraordinary session to respond to Turkish threats of military intervention in Libya and withdraw recognition from the unconstitutional Government of National Accord in Tripoli that is trying to cede Libya to Ottoman neocolonialism.

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