Conte Tells Erdogan to Refrain from Launching a Military Operation to Support the GNA – Al Marsad

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Saturday told journalists at a press conference that the establishment of a no-fly zone could contribute to the cessation of hostilities in this country and could be considered as an option for resolving the Libyan conflict.

[Libya, 29 December 2019] – The Italian Prime Minister said, “we are facing a reality that not only consists of two adversary armies, but also of militias and tribes as well, which indicates a massive dispersion. There is no basis for the perception that there is a military solution capable of bringing stability to Libya within weeks.”

“I told all my interlocutors, we are making a big mistake; rather than stabilizing Libya we will delay the solution again. There has been and there is an incessant diplomatic activity by Italy. We are currently in constant dialogue to concentrate the efforts towards achieving a political solution to the Libyan conflict,” Giuseppe Conte told the Rome annual news conference organized by his government.

Regarding Italy’s position, Conte explained, “the immediate goal is the cessation of hostilities, the next one is to bring all the parties to sit at the negotiation table. For this we support the Berlin initiative, and for this we try to dissuade all those who support the use of arms, primarily the Libyans. The EU has an important role. We, at the European Union’s level, must be united. We will continue to assume this position. I spoke to Erdogan and Putin and I reiterated Italy’s stance. We cannot accept a military escalation.”

Giuseppe Conte added at the end of the year press summary of his government’s policy that he had already spoken to Erdogan, and expressed his concern that any military intervention in Libya would result in multiple civilian casualties and that there was no hope that either side was likely to win the battle, as he claimed.

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