Afriqiyah Airways in Benghazi: Tripoli Office has Conducted Suspicious Flights Between Tripoli and Istanbul – Al Marsad

The head of Afriqiyah Airways branch in the eastern region, Seraj Al-Fitouri, revealed that the company’s management in Tripoli operated suspicious flights between Tripoli and Istanbul on the 25th and 26th of this month

[Libya, 30 December 2019] – Al-Fitouri, in a statement yesterday to a Libyan media channel that these trips were not disclosed and were not included in the scheduled trips, explaining that they arrived in Istanbul and were not carrying civilian passengers.

Al-Fitouri also added that coinciding with the arrival of the Afriqiyah Airways plane at Istanbul airport, Turkish military plane carrying a large number of passengers also landed, and its passengerswere transported aboard the Afriqiyah Airways plane from Istanbul to Tripoli.

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