Arab League Council Rejects Military Interventions Which Contribute to the Deployment of Extremist Fighters in Libya – Al Marsad

The Arab League Council has rejected at the level of delegates foreign military intervention that might enable the deployment of foreign fighters in Libya and contribute to facilitating the movement of extremist foreign fighters in the North African war-torn country.

[Libya, 31 December 2019] – The Arab League’s Council convened today in Cairo after Egypt called for an extraordinary meeting to discuss the accelerating developments in Libya in light of the Turkish threats to deploy boots on the ground in the frontlines of Tripoli in support of the armed groups aligned with the Government of National Accord (GNA).
The Ankara government, which backs the Tripoli-based GNA, said it was going to seek parliamentary approval from the Grand National Assembly of Turkey to send troops to Libya. Several press reports said Ankara was also considering sending Syrian armed opposition allies as part of the deployment in Libya.

The Arab League’s Council also warned of “the gravity of taking any unilateral steps in a manner that allows foreign military interventions and contributes to the escalation and prolongation of the Libyan conflict.” It called for supporting the resumption of the political process through the full implementation of the Skhirat Libyan Political Agreement which was brokered by the United Nations Support Mission to Libya (UNSMIL) in December 2015, as the only reference for a political settlement in Libya, stressing the importance of involving Libya’s neighbouring countries in international efforts aimed at helping Libyan rivals settle the crisis, in reference to the forthcoming Berlin Conference on Libya.

The Arab delegates also requested the Secretary General of the League of Arab States to conduct contacts at the highest levels with all international stakeholders concerned with the Libyan crisis in order to reach positive and coordinated positions aimed at resolving the crisis, and support the efforts led by the Head of the UNSMIL in the context of seeking a Libyan-Libyan solution to the ongoing conflict, and to submit periodic reports to the Council to follow up on the implementation of this resolution.

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