French Radio: Belhaj’s Planes and Other Airlines Have Transported Syrian Mercenaries from Turkey to Tripoli – Al Marsad

French Radio RFI published further information on the presence of Syrian mercenaries sent by Turkey to Libya with videos and photos of their presence in the capital Tripoli.

French radio confirmed, quoting sources at Mitiga Airport today Wednesday, the arrival of a large number of Syrian mercenaries to Libya through unregistered flights.

RFI stated that Afriqiyah Airways and the airline Ajniha, owned by Abdalhakim Belhaj, a leading Libyan LIFG  Islamist based in Turkey, had moved these fighters from Turkey to Tripoli with the aim of assisting armed groups loyal to Tripoli’s Government of National Accord.

RFI indicated that between Friday and Sunday, 4 planes landed at Mitiga Airport “disembarking Syrian fighters from brigades loyal to Ankara”.

In a statement released on Sunday, the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord denied the presence of Syrian fighters in Libya, saying that the video was made in Raqqa, Syria. However, Libyan experts confirmed that the videos were filmed in Libya near the Tekbali military camp recently taken over by opponents of Khalifa Haftar’s forces. 

On social networks, pages dedicated to the Syrian revolution celebrated the death of jihads who died in Libya as “martyrs who defended the Mujahideen of Tripoli “.

The director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdul Rahman, told RFI that 500 Syrian fighters had landed on Libyan soil, adding that others present in Turkey were awaiting their transfer to the capital, Tripoli.

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