Italian Senator: Turkish Parliament Gave the Green Light to Dictator Erdogan for Military Intervention in Libya – Al Marsad

Roberto Calderoli, a member of the Senate of Italy and senior lawmaker in the Northern League, called on the Italian government to get out of its hibernation and address what he categorized as “the military crisis in Libya.”

[Libya, 4 January 2020] – The Italian lawmaker said, according to AKI Italian news agency, that the approval by the Turkish Parliament of sending Turkish troops to Libya has given Erdogan, whom he described as a dictator, to militarily intervene in Libya, opening the door for worrying scenarios.

Roberto Calderoli of the Northern League said, “it is clear that Sultan Erdogan aims to take over the Mediterranean, having already violated the international waters of Cyprus with his military ships and having invaded Northern Syria, causing hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands of displaced persons.”

“Military intervention in Libya could have devastating consequences throughout the region, so the European Union and Italy must act immediately if there is still time,” Calderoli continued.

The Italian lawmaker asked: “is the Italian government following the events? Is anyone at Chigi Palace and at the Farnesina Palace following up?”

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