US Defense Expert Michael Peck: Turkey is Barely Able to Fly Its F-16 Fighters – Al Marsad

Imprisonment of well-trained Turkish pilots not only caused material losses, but also caused the loss of trained personnel and waste of very large resources for the Turkish Armed Forces, in general, and the aerial warfare service branch in particular.

[Libya, 5 January 2020] – The award-winning writer and expert in defense and security issues, Michael Peck, said that it is very costly to train a new pilot to fly a sophisticated plane. The Turkish government has already dismissed and incarcerated expert pilots in the wake of the 2016 aborted coup attempt.

The Ankara regime “has purged its air force so badly that it can barely fly its F-16 fighters,” the national security expert and prestigious analyst in military affairs, Michael Peck wrote.

Russia Today reported that an article written by Michael Peck clarified that the government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has launched an arrest campaign in the wake of the failed coup d’etat against military personnel whom Ankara government claimed to be supporters of Muhammed Fethullah Gülen’s Hizmet movement and embarked on a vendetta against Turkish army top ranks and major military elements within the military establishment.

The American expert stressed that the United States declined a Turkish government’s request to send trainers for the new pilots. Michael Peck revealed that Turkey has resorted to seek assistance for training from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which also has squadrons of General Dynamics’ F-16. Peck quoted an Atlantic Council’s report that Ankara threatened a large number of its veteran pilots of revoking their “civil pilot licenses, unless they return to Air Force duty for four years.”

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