La Repubblica: Field Marshal Haftar and Al-Sarraj Will Meet Separately With Conte in Rome – Al Marsad

After mediation by the Italian Intelligence Service, Rome announces Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and Fayez al-Sarraj will meet separately in Rome with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

[Libya, 8 January 2020] – According to La Repubblica, Field Marshal Haftar and the GNA Chairman will see the head of the Italian government separately. The double visit was agreed after mediation by Italian Intelligence services. The meetings are expected to be held today.

“An unexpected turning point in the management of the Libyan crisis that comes two days after the postponement of the European Union mission to Tripoli and the stall in negotiations to find a solution to the conflict. The two senior Libyan personalities will see the Italian Premier separately but it is evident that the Italian move, made possible thanks to the Italian Intelligence Service’s intensive efforts, represents an important turning point in trying to undertake a path of mediation between the parties. The EU mission’s visit to Tripoli, initially scheduled for January 7, had been cancelled for security reasons,” La Repubblica reported.

The Italian-led mission was agreed with the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell as well as with France, Germany and Great Britain. In reality, the French appeared the most skeptical about the success of the operation and after days of discussion it was decided in the end to organize a meeting in Italy in search of a political solution to the protracted Libyan armed conflict.

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