UNSMIL Discusses Means of Unifying Financial Policy and Economic Institutions in Libya – Al Marsad

Libyan experts across various economic domains have participated in a symposium organized by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to discuss initiatives aiming at unifying financial and economic institutions in Libya.

[Libya, 8 January 2020] – The UNSMIL economic forum was held in the Tunisian capital on 6 and 7 January and was attended by nineteen Libyan specialists representing the main financial and economic institutions in Libya.

The Libyan experts agreed that the Libyan economy was under pressure due to the conflict-induced institutional fragmentation and that this has an increasingly detrimental impact on Libyans’ daily lives. It was also decided that any comprehensive political settlement to the Libyan conflict would include a process to unify both the institutions and the financial and economic policy of the Libyan state.

A proposal to establish a Libyan Expert Economic Commission (LEEC) was discussed by the participants. The idea of setting up the LEEC has been initially put forward, according to the organizer, to prepare for a pan-Libya national dialogue, and now will be re-introduced at the forthcoming Berlin Conference on Libya. The Participants provided input on the prospective Terms of Reference of the LEEC including ideas on its purpose, mandate and structure.

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