LNA Navy Impounds an Italian Commercial Ship Bound for Misrata – Al Marsad

The Naval Forces of the Libyan National Army (LNA) announced that they had impounded an Italian ship bound for the port of Misrata this morning, escorting it to the port of Benghazi for search, inspection and investigation with its crew. This action was part of the implementation of the enforced ban on marine transportation to the Misrata and Al-Khoums seaports by the LNA.

[Libya, 12 January 2020] – “A ship of the Libyan National Army Naval Forces forced an Italian ship to change its route, escorting it to Benghazi on the basis of the previously announced ban on entering the ports of Misrata and Al-Khoums,” said the official spokesman for the Chief of Staff of the Libyan National Army Naval Forces, Ali al-Thabit, in a statement to Sputnik news agency.

The official spokesperson explained that the Italian ship, the Grande Baltimora, is a commercial ship that was heading to the Misrata port when it was monitored by the marine radars. He stressed that the Italian ship is now being searched, and its crew investigated with, after the navy troops escorted it to Benghazi seaport.

The navy spokesperson pointed out that “if it is found after inspection that the Grande Baltimora is loaded with a cargo of weapons or prohibited items, the necessary measures shall be taken against the carrier, the vessel will be impounded, and its crew will be investigated with. However, once its cargo is ascertained and nothing prohibited is found, regular clearing procedures will be conducted in Benghazi seaport.”

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