The Commanding General of the Italian Carabinieri: Challenges of Terrorism Are Far From Over in Libya – Al Marsad

The Commanding General of the Italian Carabinieri Corps, Giovanni Nistri, said that the schemes and machinations of the dark forces of terrorism have not been completely eradicated. He said the challenges of terrorism are far from over in Libya and the Sahel and Sahara Countries

[Libya, 27 January 2020] – The Commanding General of the Carabinieri Corps, Giovanni Nistri, said, “we are directing towards these two organizations intelligence activities, whether they are field or on the Internet, as well as exchanging results with other police forces and with intelligence and security agencies in the Counter-Terrorism Strategic Analysis Committee.”

Speaking of the multiple threats that the Carabinieri Corps face, according to the Italian news agency AKI, Nistri said: “the defeats that have been inflicted on ISIS and al-Qaeda’s structures have not ended the machinations of their evil mission and they are still able to create extremism hotbeds in various internal and global contexts. Such magnitude covers a vast regional space that is close to Italy and extends from Libya to the African Sahel and Sahara countries and up to the Balkan states.”

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