Bogdanov Discusses With the US Ambassador to Russia the Situation in Libya – Al Marsad

According to the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov convened on Tuesday with the new US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan. The two sides discussed a number of issues, including the Libyan dossier.

[Libya, 29 January 2020] – Reporting the reception of Mikhail Bogdanov of the new US Ambassador to Moscow, the Russia’s Foreign Ministry’s statement noted that the two diplomats touched on the bilateral relations and prospects for Russian-American cooperation in overcoming crises in the Middle East and North Africa. The two sides discussed during the meeting the latest developments in the Libyan crisis.

“During the talks, a thorough discussion of the situation in Libya and the prospects for Russian-US cooperation in the interest of overcoming crisis situations in the Middle East and North Africa took place,” the Russian Foreign Ministry reported.

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