Italian MP Warns Against the Deployment of Turkish-backed Syrian Terrorists and Mercenaries in Libya – Al Marsad

The group leader of Forza Italia at the Italian House of Representatives, Mariastella Gelmini, has called for the urgent formation of a parliamentary inquiry commission on the phenomenon of violent extremism and terrorism.

[Libya, 29 January 2020] – The Italian politician was quoted by the Italian Nova News Agency as saying, “on the one hand, there is the Libyan crisis, with the arrival of jihadist militias from Syria, and on the other hand, the Middle East and Iraq which are suffering again from renewed instability in the aftermath of the US-Iran crisis.”

“In recent days, ISIS threats against Israel have resurfaced, and even in our Italian cities, we are witnessing some manifestations of unacceptable hatred and intolerance,” Mariastella Gelmini noted.

In the light of all these reasons, Mariastella Gelmini added that the parliamentarian group of Forza Italia Party has already submitted to the Italian Chamber of Deputies a motion signed by fifty members of parliament led by Matteo Perego di Cremnago to form a house committee to investigate extremism and terrorism.