Josep Borrell Reveals the Possibility of Reviving Operation Sophia to Monitor the Arms Embargo on Libya – Al Marsad

In press statements quoted by AKI News Agency, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell, revealed that discussions are underway in Europe to evaluate the possibility of reviving Operation Sophia or establishing a similar process that includes, among its tasks, monitoring violations of the international resolutions on arms embargo on Libya.

[Libya, 31 January 2020] – The European Union acknowledges that there are clear breaches of the UN resolution banning the supply of arms to Libya.

European Union’s institutions acknowledge that there is a clear Turkish violation of the UN resolutions on the supply of arms to Libya and hold the United Nations responsible for taking measures against Ankara’s actions.

According to AKI news agency, Josep Borrell made several proposals for European countries aimed at contributing to the return to the implementation of the United Nations resolutions and controlling violations of the arms embargo on Libya, and curbing violations in this regard.

The European Union stresses the need to resolve the conflict in Libya and reach a settlement to the crisis which has negative impacts on European countries and citizens, as well as on Libya and its geopolitical space.

French President Emmanuel Macron categorized yesterday the presence of Turkish warships on the Tripoli shores as a clear violation of Turkey’s pledges in Berlin. Macron considered Turkish weapons’ shipments to Tripoli and its deployment of Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries in Libya as detrimental to the stability and security of the region, particularly the neighbouring countries of Libya in the Sahel and Sahara grouping, as well as the European countries in light of the reports referring to attempts made by a number of Syrian mercenaries in Tripoli to illegally migrate to Europe paying for their human traffickers with their guns for hire lucrative payments they receive from the Government of National Accord (GNA).

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