Field Marshal Haftar Receives US Ambassador Norland at the LNA HQ – Al Marsad

The Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar received on Tuesday the United States Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland at the LNA’s General Command headquarters at Al-Rajma, located 27 km east of Benghazi.

[Libya, 18 February 2020] – Ambassador Norland and Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar discussed the Libyan crisis and the role of the LNA in fighting terrorism, securing the country and preserving its sovereignty from those who tamper its security and territorial integrity, according to an official statement released by the LNA.

The statement stated that the LNA’s Commander Haftar stressed the LNA’s fundamentals that include securing the Libyan territory, ending terrorist domination and removing all mercenaries brought to Libya by the Turkish invasion.  During their meeting, Field Marshal Haftar confirmed that the LNA will continue its war against terrorists sent to Libya by Turkey.

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