Qatar: We Are Steadfast in Our Support of Sarraj’s Government – Al Marsad

Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed Al Thani refuted what he considered allegations about his country’s support for terrorist groups in Syria, according to his claims.

[Libya, 19 February 2020] – During his speech on Wednesday, before the Foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament, the Qatari minister believed that all criticisms directed at his country regarding supporting terrorism in Syria, Libya and the Sahel and the deprecation of freedom of expression and the press come as part of a malicious campaign led by countries that impose a blockade on Qatar for more than three years, according to Italian news agency AKI.

Al-Thani expressed his country’s steadfast stance towards supporting the Government of the National Accord of Libya (GNA), which he described as a “legitimate government ”, led by Fayez al-Sarraj, and condemning what he called “the aggression of Haftar’s forces”, in reference to the military advances achieved by the Commander of the Libyan National Army Forces Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

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