Yossir: Muslim Brotherhood Delivered Extremist Ideology to Libyan Youth – Al Marsad

The Chairman of the Defense and National Security Committee at the previous National Congress, Abdel Moneim El-Yossir, said that after the fall of the Muammar Gaddafi regime, the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, along with elements imbued with the thought of al-Qaeda, managed to pass the extremist ideas to the Libyan youth and convince them of its logic..

[Libya, 21 February 2020] – Abdel Moneim El-Yossir, in an interview with the “Islamic Movements Gateway” website, added: “The Muslim Brotherhood has managed to penetrate the Libyan state since 2005. After the secret terrorist Brotherhood organization failed to overthrow the regime in the 90s, they adopted a truce style of peace by deception. When the Arab Spring occurred, they found a valuable opportunity to topple the Arab regimes that were affected at that time as a first stage, followed by the rest of the region.”

“They took advantage of the weakness of the national political force and the near absence of any organizations that have this. In addition, the security and military institutions of the state were completely destroyed under these conditions. Most of the militias they established were after the fighting ended in late 2011,” Yossir added.

He concluded by saying: “When resources were made available to the group and the militias, they worked to provide civilians with arms and increase the number of militants. Moreover they worked hard to impede all attempts to rebuild state institutions.”

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