Hassan Al-Saghir: Offering Libya Mission’s Property in New York for Rent Contravenes Libyan Law – Al Marsad

“Offering some floors of the Libyan Mission’s building in New York for rent is a childish action,” said the former Undersecretary at the Libyan Foreign Ministry and well-known diplomat Hassan al-Saghir.

[Libya, 22 February 2020] – Commenting on Taher El-Sonni’s effort to rent 14 floors of the Libyan Mission building in New York, Hassan Al-Saghir commented that Libyan law prevents diplomatic missions and embassies abroad from exercising commercial activities and business including commerce, industry and buying, selling and renting for the purpose of earning revenue.

In an exclusive statement to Al Marsad, Al-Saghir added that the Libyan Mission in New York is not allowed to offer the building for rent, whether partially or completely because this would be deemed a 100% commercial activity according to Libyan law.

“Selling the entire building is allowed according to the Libyan law, but not offering it for rent. This is a legal process that is only allowed after getting approval from several state entities in Libya, most importantly the Public Facilities Agency. Any sale approval is subject to reasons presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry’s projects’ office and it should be approved by several governmental, accounting and supervisory bodies before issuing the final permission to sell something,” he explained.

The former undersecretary revealed that the headquarters and immunity agreement was granted from the United States through the United Nations Organizations in New York, adding that “upon that agreement, the building purchase procedures were for practicing diplomatic tasks attributed to the Libyan Mission and definitely they did not allow the property to be offered for rent to seek financial gains.”

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