Torjuman: Oil Fields Must Remain Closed Until Libya is Liberated from Erdogan’s Mercenaries – Al Marsad

Head of the National Action Group Khaled El Torjuman said that outcomes of the Tarhouna Tribal Forum meeting puts the international community in an embarrassing situation, pointing out that all the tribes, including those whose territories are presently under the control of militias, took part in the meeting at Tarhouna and they all agreed that the only solution to deal with the militias is to eliminate them altogether from Tripoli.

[Libya, 21 February 2020] – In his statements over phone to Egyptian Extra News satellite channel on Friday, Torjuman noted that the tribes agreed to clear the country of all gangs and militias and to maintain the oil blockade until the homeland is completely liberated.

He stated that the militias believe that Tripoli is a crossroads to Europe, adding that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will dig his own grave because he neither knows the nature of the Libyan land nor the people he will face.

The head of the National Action Group stressed that “If there is international willingness to dismantle the militias and disarm them without force, I challenge them to show us how it can be done. Otherwise, we will be forced to use force. There is no solution, but that their presence must be uprooted.”

“We will not allow Erdogan to turn Libya into a trouble spot to create problems to neighboring counties, in particular Egypt. Erdogan has no solution but to pull his mercenaries out of Tripoli because the Libyan Armed Forces will free the country from terrorism,” he reaffirmed.

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