Political Analyst: Turkey Uses All Cards to Extend Its Influence in Libya – Al Marsad

Political analyst Jalal Al-Salami said that President talk about the presence of Syrian fighters in Libya is a veiled message to the Russian side. He said “the content of this message is that Ankara considers Syrian Idlib and Libyan Tripoli as one issue, and it can pressure Russia in Libya for Idlib and vice versa.”

[Libya, 23 February 2020] – Jalal Al-Salami stressed that Turkey is “continuing to use all its cards to extend its influence in Libya,” according to the Russian Sputnik News Agency.

As for the contradiction of the Turkish position with the outputs of the Berlin Conference on Libya and the relevant Security Council resolutions, Salami explained that “the statements of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the presence of Syrian fighters in Libya did not include explicit recognition that Turkey was sending or training the fighters. Therefore, there can be no position by the Security Council against Ankara except it is substantiated by evidence.”

Regarding Turkey’s movements in Libya, Salami said that “Britain and Italy support Turkey in Libya, but in different proportions. However, Ankara lacks active Western support compared to Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who enjoys broad support from Arab and Western nation.”.

He stressed that Turkey “does not exist in Libya for the sake of Libya itself, as it has no direct interest there, but rather seeks to guarantee its right to the Eastern Mediterranean gas basin through Libya, in an attempt to secure maritime rights.”

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