Al-Heliq: The UN Watched Fighters from Turkey and Syria Come to Libya to Kill Our Sons with Oil Money – Al Marsad

The Chairman of the Supreme Council of Zawiya Tribes, Sheikh al-Senussi al-Heliq Al-Zawi said that approximately 22 oil fields are currently closed in the southeast and west of the country, and he expressed his full willingness to reopen the closed fields provided the international community listened to the demands of the Libyan people and the outcomes of the Tarhouna Tribal Forum.

[Libya, 1 March 2020] – In exclusive remarks to the Russian Sputnik News Agency on Saturday, Sheikh al-Heliq said that they were not happy to close the oil fields and ports, but that closure decision was taken because the oil has been used to fund terrorists and terrorism and led to murder of many innocent Libyans.

“Where were the United Nations and the world when Turkey brought 10 thousands of fighters from Syria to kill our sons and destroy our capital, Tripoli? The oil fields and ports have been closed until now upon request by the Libyan people, sheikhs, senior figures and wise men. All Libya’s fields are closed and suspended for maintenance,” he added.

Al-Heliq called on the United Nations to approve the outcomes of the Tarhouna Tribal Forum in order to reopen the oil fields, noting that, “We are the ones who suspended the operation of the oil fields and are the ones who should take the decision to reopen them again.”

“We are ready to reopen the oil fields tomorrow, but on the condition that the United Nations meets our demands and adopts the Tarhouna Tribal Forum outcomes which are approved by the Libyan People,” he stressed. He added, “All the oil fields shall remain closed until the Libyan People’s demands are met.”

The Chairman of the Supreme Council of Zawiya Tribes pointed out that if the United Nations is serious and truly wants to find a solution to the Libyan crisis, then it should search for the solution in Libya, not at European or Arab hotels.

“The solution lies inside Libya with the Libyan people represented by senior and notable sheikhs,” al-Heliq stated.

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