Libyan Tribal Council: We Will Back Efforts to Resolve the Libyan Crisis and Achieve Reconciliation – Al Marsad

The Supreme Council of Sheikhs and Leaders of the Libyan Tribes stressed the need to build a body that includes all the tribal components in Libya and brings the tribes together within an organizational institution to help implement social programs that help efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis, reunify and achieve reconciliation.

In a statement issued today the Council stated that this decision came as a continuation of success achieved by the meeting of the Libyan tribes in Tarhouna and the great response it received among the people.

The Council also mentioned that it met on Thursday in the Harawah area, located 50 km east of the city of Sirte, in order to formally form the Council.

“The Council’s members were convened and chose their new chairman. They agreed on a number of organizational and coordination measures related to the nature of the work of the Council, and the national oath was repeated by all members of the Council who attended the meeting,” the statement read.

Members who attended the meeting stressed the need to adhere to all decisions issued by the Libyan tribes gathered in the city of Tarhouna and work to initiate implementation steps regarding to deal with the current Libyan situation due to colonial ambitions and theterrorist influx of extremist groups led by particular foreign countries.

The Council also expressed its wish for a positive participation in resolving the Libyan crisis, which it said has reached a very critical stage due to the international disregard for voice of the Libyan tribes, which has an effective influence on the ground.

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