The Vessel M/V ANA That Survived Tripoli Port Shelling is on its Way to Libya with Ammunition and Armored Vehicles – Al Marsad

The vessel M/V ANA flying the Albanian flag is transporting another military shipment to Libya from Istanbul Port after it had survived the bombing that targeted the vessel while it was docked at Tripoli Port last month, killing three Turkish officers.

M/V ANA when targeted last February

[Libya, 19 March 2020] – Two highly placed diplomatic and intelligence sources, both of which concurred, revealed to Al Marsad today that the ship’s company changed its name from ANA to PRAY after the accident. “It is already on its way to western Libya flying the flag of the Republic of Sierra Leone,” Al Marsad sources asserted.

The same sources confirmed that the vessel should have carried medical equipment and supplies to help Libya in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, especially given that Turkey manufactures such equipment or at least part of it—but instead the ship is loaded again with ammunition and armored vehicles.

“The Presidency Council’s acceptance last night of a truce and a ceasefire to confront the Coronavirus pandemic was to prevent the interception and targeting of this ship on its way to Libya,” asserted the source. The sources warned against risking civilian facilities for military use.

A copy of the official statement by the Presidential Council

The ship, previously owned by a company called Sheg Trans Sa, sailed the first time from Mersin Port, Turkey. This is the same port that the captain of the Lebanese ship M/V PANA, currently detained in Italy after his involvement in transporting a previous military shipment, confessed loading from before heading to Libya.

Locating M/V ANA in Tripoli Port on the day of bombing last month

It is noteworthy that Al-Sarraj announced on 20 February 2020, one day after the bombing of Tripoli Port and the vicinity of M/V ANA, that the bombing targeted livestock and sheep. However, Turkey later admitted the killing of three Turkish officers in that bombing, including a high-ranking one.

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