Syrian Observatory: Death Toll of Pro-Turkey Syrian Mercenaries in Libya Reaches 143 With Many Wounded – Al Marsad

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) confirmed increased death toll among the pro-Turkey Syrian mercenaries, as several from the new batches sent from Turkey to support GNA militias have either been killed or wounded during the battle against the Libyan National Army.

[Libya, 21 March 2020] – The Syrian Observatory revealed that 14 new bodies of Syrian fighters have arrived in the areas dominated by Turks in the northern countryside of Aleppo, Syria.

The dead mercenaries came originally from the districts of Palmyra, Salqin, Albukamal and Al-Bab in northern Syria.

Therefore, the death toll among the pro-Turkish factions as a result of military operations in Libya has reached 143 fighters from Al-Mu’tasim Brigade, Sultan Murad’s Brigade, North Falcons Brigade, Hamzat, and Suleiman Shah, according to SOHR’s official website.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) indicated that these militants were killed during the clashes on the axes of Salah El-Din neighborhood, south of Tripoli, the axis of Ramle, near Tripoli airport, the axis of the Hadaba project, in addition to the battles in Misrata and other areas in Libya.

The SOHR has also learned that Turkey had deliberately reduced the salaries of the Syrian fighters who were recruited and sent to fight in Libya, after the number of recruits exceeded the limit of 6,000 set by Turkey.

Moreover, according to SOHR monitors the number of fighters who had arrived in Tripoli, until now, was approximately 4,750 mercenaries, in addition to 1,900 fighters who arrived in the Turkish camps to receive training before heading to Libya.

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