Muslim Brotherhood: LNA Violate the Ceasefire Truce and Exploit Public’s Preoccupation with Coronavirus – Al Marsad

Mohamed Sawan, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Justice and Construction Party (JCP), accused the Libya Armed Forces led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar of violating the ceasefire truce.

[Libya, 27 March 2020] – In a post on his Facebook personal account today, Sawan claimed that the army forces exploit people’s preoccupation with facing the coronavirus pandemic to continue its military campaign. He described this as a “desperate attempt” after what he called “the Libyan army heroes” (the militants of the Government of National Accord) deflected them.

“I salute these heroes who continue to write sagas of honor and heroism, pray to God to have mercy on the martyrs who died in this battle, and offer my condolences to their families,” concluded Sawan.

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