Batn Al-Jabal Region Quarantined Over Coronavirus – Al Marsad

Mabrouk Sheiha, spokesperson for the Crisis and Emergency Committee in Batn Al-Jabal, said that the Batn Al-Jabal region has been placed under quarantine as a precautionary measure to combat the novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

[Libya, 28 March 2020] – In a statement to Libya 218 channel on Saturday, Mabrouk Sheiha said that humanitarian and relief cases are transported to and from the neighboring hospitals in Al-Jabal, Batn Al-Jabal and coastal regions, and that medical supplies, foodstuffs, food commodities, and ambulances can still pass through.

The closure of the municipality entrances is a precautionary step in implementation of the quarantine to help prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

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