Qayed: GNA Air Force Could Not Support Our Forces in Tripoli Axes Due to Bad Weather – Al Marsad

Director of the Department of Morale Guidance in the Central Region affiliated with the Presidential Council, Nasser Al-Qayed, said that attacks were still ongoing in some axes.

[Libya, 29 March 2020] – He said that there was progress in many axes in southern Tripoli with the destruction of some vehicles in the Twaisha axis from what he described as “Haftar forces” (In reference to the Libyan Armed Forces led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar), according to his claim.

In statements to the Islamist channel broadcasting from Turkey, Libya Al-Ahrar, al-Qayed had some reservations in talking about latest developments regarding the advance towards Tarhouna.

He said that attacks were taking place on all axes such as Ain Zara and Wadi Al-Rabei, in addition to making great advance and seizing new sites.

“The air force is moving and supports all axes … From time to time, it targets some gatherings and vehicles,” he stressed.

Moreover, he stated that “The air force some contributions in south of Tripoli axes, but the weather conditions were bad, so it could not provide much support.”

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