USA Allocates $6 Million as Humanitarian Aid to Libya for COVID19 Crisis – Al Marsad

The US Embassy in Libya has announced that the US will donate 6 million US dollars as additional humanitarian aid to Libya to be used in responding to the COVID19 pandemic.

[Libya, 29 March 2020] – In its statement on Saturday, the US Embassy said, “This donation will go towards helping healthcare officials prevent the spread of the virus and respond to those in need who have been infected or those who are most susceptible to the infection”, and pointed out that the embassy’s participation in fighting off the new coronavirus speaks to the USA’s interest in and dedication to humanitarian aid of those who need it the most.

The Embassy also stated that this public aid is part of decades of American efforts towards investing in the Libyan health sector and comprehensive development, which is being implemented mainly through the United States Agency for International Development, further pointing out that the US has invested over 715 million US dollars in total aid to Libya over the past 20 years.

In closing of the statement, the US Embassy stated that since 2009, the US has donated, worldwide, over 100 billion US dollars in health aid and 70 billion US dollars in humanitarian aid, adding that, “these donations have enabled the saving of lives and protection of people from disease, the construction of health institutes, and the strengthening of societies and nations.”

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