Gharyani: Libyans Must Defend Ras Ajdir from Falling to LNA’s “Zionist” Agenda – Al Marsad

Radical Islamist cleric Sadiq Al-Gharyani, the former grand mufti of the General National Congress (GNC) removed by the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR), in a televised broadcast continues to promote aggressive and anti-Semitic slogans by urging all Libyans to defend Ras Ajdir from falling to the Libyan National Army’s “Zionist” agenda.

[Libya, 30 March 2020] – In a statement aired on Al-Tanasuh Channel on Saturday, the radical Islamist cleric Sadiq Al-Gharyani said: “Dear brothers and loved ones, you surely know that in war the just side may incur losses like the oppressors do. This is God’s way in the eternal confrontation between truth and falsehood. However, the just side always prevails at the end. God bestows martyrdom only on those who He loves. I mean here not only the disbelievers, but also those who are loyal to them, go into their orbit, serve them, and obey their orders, as is the case in the Zionist agenda represented by Haftar and his mercenaries in Libya.”

Gharyani paid tribute to the unremitting efforts of all regions and cities from Misrata to Al-Khums, Tajourah, Souq Al-Juma, Tripoli, Janzur, the “impenetrable” city of Zawiyah, the Amazigh cities, and Zintan joining the fronts from the eastern region.

“I would like to draw the attention in particular to the steadfast city of Zuwarah. The enemy, which tried to attack the western region from its direction, found its heroes steadfast beyond imagination. Otherwise, there would have a disaster. If the enemy takes over the western outlet, nothing would remain for the western region, which then would be between the anvil and the hammer,” added Gharyani.

He pointed out that the eastern region and the gateway to the south are in the hands of “Haftar” (i.e. Field Marshal Haftar, Commander in Chief of the armed forces) and Zuwarah was only strategic point outside his control. He said the people of Zuwarah are defending the city and the government should provide them with the required support.

He also considered that what is happening should be a lesson for those who have reason, asserting that such support is the right of those who offered “martyrs”, pointing out that Misrata tops the “honor roll” in terms of the number of martyrs and injured since 2011 in defense of honor, dignity, and the entire homeland.

“The officials in our country, seeing the magnitude of these sacrifices, should accord due attention to the fronts rather than issuing empty statements and denunciations. They should take effective steps. There should be genuine care in light of the battle to put an end to the enemy who will not stop short of annihilating all of you,” he warmed.

He indicated that the blood banks in field hospitals south of Tripoli suffer shortages, which forces hospitals to use blood supplies from Misrata, describing this as a “shame” on the Ministry of Health, which receives money and goods without achieving anything.

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