Military Surveillance Official: Suspicious Flights Between Istanbul, Misrata and Mitiga – Al Marsad

Ghaith Asbaq, Head of Surveillance and Monitoring Authority in the Libyan National Army (LNA), said that LNA had detected two air flights between Istanbul Airport and the airports of Misrata and Mitiga in the capital, Tripoli, during the last 48 hours, despite the suspension of all flights between the two countries as part of the measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

[Libya, 30 March 2020] – In a statement to on Sunday, Asbaq explained that a Libyan Airlines plane took off Friday from Tripoli Airport to Istanbul Airport and returned on Saturday after transporting its cargo. On Sunday, another plane left Misrata Airport bounding to Istanbul and then returned.

“These flights were unregistered and unannounced carrying unknown cargo, likely weapons, military equipment, drones, and Syrian mercenaries. This coincides with the current escalation of the military confrontations between the LNA and the armed militias of the Government of National Accord (GNA) in the western region where the militants incurred heavy human and logistical losses,” explained the LNA Head of Surveillance and Monitoring.

Asbaq pointed out that the airway between the western region and Turkey is still open and active despite the recorded increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Libya to 8, including 6 in Misrata, some which had travelled from Turkey. “This raises fear among Libyans of the serious implications for public health due to the sinister manner Syrian mercenaries enter Libya,” concluded Asbaq.

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