Al-Dharrat Wants to Withhold Coronavirus Budget from Municipalities that Support the LNA – Al Marsad

Muhammad Al-Dharrat, Head of the Office of Public Policy Support of the President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, demanded that no budgets be allocated to the municipalities under the control of the Interim Government and Tobruk House of Representatives (HoR) in the east and south, nor to any municipality that announced its support for what he described as the “aggression in the western region” (i.e. the advance of the Libyan National Army towards the capital).

[Libya, 1 April 2020] – Muhammad Al-Dharrat, the Misrata boycotting HoR Member, claimed in a letter addressed to Sarraj that the municipalities of the eastern and southern regions and some of the western region had become a “hotbed” for mercenaries supporting Haftar and the “war on the capital”, as he described.

He also claimed that many municipalities whose budgets are to be disbursed in the eastern and southern regions suffer from what he described as “disdain of transparency” and blackout in issuing data and statistics on the coronavirus pandemic. “This increases situation ambiguity and raises doubts about the purpose of requesting the budgets under the pretext of fighting the coronavirus pandemic”, added Al-Darrat.

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