Al-Mismari: Turkish Warship Fired Missiles from the Sea at Al-Ajaylat, No Casualties – Al Marsad

Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, spokesperson of the Libyan National Army (LNA), confirmed today a dangerous development in the ongoing military operations in the west of the country, revealing that a Turkish warship fired missiles from Libyan waters at Al-Ajaylat area but there were no casualties.

[Libya, 1 April 2020] – In a press statement today, Major General Al-Mismari said that the intervention of the Turkish navy continues. “Previously, Turkish warships accompanied cargo ships carrying weapons, military equipment, and Syrian terrorists and mercenaries,” asserted Armed Forces spokesperson.

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It is noteworthy that several citizens have taken pictures of the Turkish warship and the wreckage of a US-made RIM-66E-5 surface-to-air missile that landed south of the city of Al-Ajaylat. This type of missile is part of the armament of the Turkish Navy.


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