Sami Al-Saadi: Combating Coronavirus and the Aggression on Tripoli Are Our Collective Duties – Al Marsad

Former spiritual leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Sami al-Saadi, who has close ties with the terrorist Shura Councils and Ansar al-Sharia, said that Muslims have duties that they should fulfill simultaneously. He said that medical teams, nurses and other healthcare professionals should work on combating the pandemic, while fighters on the fronts, along with their supporters and those who send them arms, must continue to fight the other pandemic—namely, “Haftar” (the Commander of the Libyan National Army).

[Libya, 1 April 2020] – While being hosted on the TV programme “Islam and Life” on the Al-Tanasuh channel owned by radical Islamist cleric Sadiq al-Gharyani, he said that Libya was suffering from two pandemics: the first is what he calls the “aggression”, LNA’s advancement into the capital city, and the second the COVID19 virus.

He said that the doctors performing their duty in the face of the disease are as deserving of gratitude as those defending the oppressed by fighting on the frontlines to combat the aggression on Tripoli and the surrounding areas.

He also added, “Both are performing their duty, so we must address the curfew issue. Officials must make exceptions for those performing duties that require them to be outside. It is necessary to prevent needless walking in the streets and neighborhoods, as those are contributing to spreading damage and will have blood on their hands if they contributed in spreading the virus. Therefore, people must adhere to the curfew. However, those who have other duties to fulfil that are as important as the medical duties, they must be allowed to be in the streets, such as those who are ensuring security in the cities.”

Saadi asserted that combating coronavirus in every way possible, and combating the “aggression on Tripoli”, are two duties that everyone has to inevitably fulfil collectively.

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