Military Official Says Largest Militia Arms and Ammunition Storehouse in Tripoli Shelled by LNA – Al Marsad

A Libyan National Army (LNA) reconnaissance officer, Captain Suleiman Al-Jareh, said today, Friday, that the armed forces bombed the largest weapons and ammunition storehouse for the militias in the centre of the capital, Tripoli.

[Libya, 3 April 2020] – Al-Jareh, in a military statement to Erem News website, indicated that the battles of last night and this morning concentrated in Al-Nasr Forest and Camp 77 in Bab Al-Azizia area in Tripoli.

“Camp 77 contains several Hauser cannons used by the faction of Abdelghani Al-Kikli, aka Ghniwa, to bomb several neighborhoods and the LNA positions since the beginning of the breach of the armistice,” stated Al-Jareh noting that the flames and sounds of explosions were seen throughout Tripoli.

According to Al-Jareh, intelligence information confirmed that the initial death toll and injuries among the militias targeted in Camp 77 referred to 4 dead and 9 wounded.

Captain Al-Jareh explained that an LNA special force has also carried out an envelopment operation against a group of militia from the city of Surman that fled Al-Azizia axis, which resulted in the capture of 8 of the militiamen.

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